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Distance Love Quotes


Long distance relationships
Are like wind to a fire;
It puts out the small ones,
But inflames the big ones

In true love the
Smallest distance is too great,
And the greatest distance
Can be bridged.

Why is it that when
You miss someone
So much that your heart
Is ready to disintegrate,
You hear the saddest song
On the radio?

You know it's true love
When no matter
How far the distance is
He can still make you smile.

Distance, it is a test of love,
Many will fail, but for those
Who can withstand it have the answer: true love.

Long distance love can be
The loveliest and sweetest ever.

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All quality items must be
Tested to ensure promised
High standards for the customers.
With love, distance
Is the greatest test.
A love that survives
This great test is a love
That is 'quality inspected
And guaranteed for life.'

As part of you has grown in me,
Together forever shall we be,
Never apart maybe in distance
But not in heart

When i miss you,
Sometimes i listen to music
Or look at pictures of you,
Not to remind me of you
But to make me
Feel as if i'm with you.
It makes me forget
The distance and capture you.

Today was just
One of those days
Where everything i did
Reminded me of you
And every song i heard
Somehow related to you.
I hate days like today,
Because they remind me
Of the one thing i dont have.

No matter the distance
Between our hearts,
I will pay for the long distance calls
To hear your heart.

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Love which has been tested
By distance and obstacles,
And has passed, is true love.

Love knows not distance;
It hath no continent;
Its eyes are for the stars.

Absence from whom
We love is worse than death,
And frustrates
Hope severer than despair.

Distance never separates
Two hearts that really care,
For our memories span
The miles and in seconds we are there.
But whenever i start feeling sad,
Because i miss you,
I remind myself how lucky
I am to have someone
So special to miss.

Even the distance feels so near,
All for the love of you.


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