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Heartbreak Quotes


I wish i had the guts to walk away
And forget about what we had.
But, i can’t because
I know you won't come after me,
And i guess that's
What hurts the most.

When you remember how hard
It is to change yourself,
You begin to understand
What little chance
We have of changing others.

A rose without thorns
Is like love without heartbreak;
It doesn't make sense.

How can i lose something
That i never had?

Real tears are not those
That fall from the eyes
And cover the face,
But those that fall from the heart
And cover the soul.

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They say, 'time heals all wounds.'
If that is true,
Then i guess mine
Go deeper than pain.
There are no words
To choose over losing you.
I guess i found out out too late,
And now all i feel is heartbreak
That only hurts when i breathe.

And maybe this will end tomorrow
Or 2 weeks
Or 4 months
Or maybe even 2 years from now
But no matter when it ends
I'll never regret any of it

Sadness flies away
On the wings of time.

Love... Why does it hurt?
Why does it ache?
Maybe because we love too much
And too deep that somteimes
We forget to keep a little for ourselves...
Sad but true.

A heart breaking isn't always
As loud as a bomb exploding..
Sometimes it can be
As quiet as a feather falling..
And the most painful thing is,
No one really hears it, except you..

Someone can walk into your life
And it is not until after they walk out
That you realize that they were even there

Love can tear you apart...
It can kill you.
But if you’re lucky,
It can put you back together.

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I hate you...
And then i love you...
It's like i want to throw you
Off a cliff....
Then rush to the bottom
To catch you.

It hurts the most when
You can actually feel your heart breaking.

You love to hate the one
Who loves the one you hate to love.

The ones that you love the most
Are usually the ones
That hurt you the most.

Love can touch your heart and soul,
But when that love is gone
Your heart breaks
And your soul dies


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