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Inspirational Love Quotes


The moment may only
Last a few seconds...
But the memories of it
Will last a lifetime....

Love is giving someone
The ability to hurt you
But trusting them
Enough not to!

A guy and a girl can be just friends
But at one point or another
One of them will fall for the other,
Maybe temporarily,
Maybe at the wrong time,
Maybe too late or maybe,
Just maybe...

Where there is great love,
There are always miracles.

You have to sow
Before you can reap.
You have to give
Before you can get.

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True love isn't the kind
That endures through
Long years of absence,
But the kind that endures
Through long years of propinquity.

Love alone matters.

Love cures people,
The ones who receive love
And the ones who give it,

Love is a great master.
It teaches us to be
What we never were.

Love is a fruit in season
At all times.

You know when you are in love..
When your life is better then your dreams..

If you cannot inspire
A woman with love of you,
Fill her above the brim
With love of herself;
All that runs over will be yours.

We come to love
Not by finding a perfect person,
But by learning to see
An imperfect person perfectly.

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Love is like a little old woman
And a little old man
Who are still friends
Even after they know
Each other so well

Love is all the emotions
Of the world into one

You make my heart skip every other beat.
You make my cheeks blush
Whenever you smile at me.
You make me laugh
Just by saying the little things.
So may say that
This is just a little crush,
But in my eyes,
It’s a beautiful thing.

It is better to be hated
For who you are,
Than to be loved
For someone you are not.


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