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Missing You Quotes


Every minute spent with her
Comes with an hour of missing her.

If you think missing me is hard,
You should try missing you.

I want to be with you
And today
It can't happen now
But it will someday.

A hug for you means I need you.
A kiss for you means I love you.
A call for you means I'm missing you.

Missing someone
Is your heart's way of
Reminding you that you love them.

I would give up anything
Just to be with you.

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Love is missing someone
Whenever you're apart,
But somehow
Feeling warm inside
Because you're
Close in heart.

While all the world is asleep at night,
I stay up and think of you and wish
Upon a shooting star that
You are thinking of me too.

Missing you could turn
From pain to pleasure,
If I knew you were
Missing me too.

Love is a complex thing.
You know you love someone
When you cant go a day
Without thinking about them,
When u see them you want to kiss them.
Loving someone is seeing your future
In their eyes and wondering how you
Coped before you met them.

Just always remember that
Even when we are apart
I will be missing you!

What I have with him is worth it.
It is worth every lonely night,
Every tear I cry from missing him,
And the pain I feel from not having him close.
It is worth it because he is my one and only.
When I picture myself years from now,
I see only him.
No matter how painful distance can be,
Not having him in my life would be worse.

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I think about you constantly,
Whether it's with
My mind or my heart.

I'll wait for you
As long as I have to
Just say you love me
And come back to me
I'll be listening for you
To knock on my door
You're the one I'll be waiting for
I'll be missing you

Thinking of you is easy
- I do it every day.
Missing you is the heartache,
That never goes away.

For better or worse,
Till death do us part ..
I'll love you with every
Single beat in my heart


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