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Over You Quotes


I'm sorry for crying over you,
Because i said i wouldn't.
But i didn't promise you that,
Because i knew
It would be a promise
I would never be able to keep.

I'm trying really hard
Not to cry over you
Because every tear is just one
More reminder that
I don't know how to let you go.

Letting go of someone
Dear to you is hard,
But holding on to someone
Who doesn't even feel
The same is much harder.
Giving up doesn't mean
You are weak!
It only means that
You are strong enough to let go!

If i can't have you,
At least i was able to know i had you.

When it comes to
Affairs of love and hurt,
You have to wait for your heart
To learn what your
Head already knows,
Then you can break free

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My friends are always telling
Me to move on, to give up.
But why? Why should i?
They don't see you
The way that i see you.
They don't look into your eyes
And see the world.
Why would they understand?
They can't possibly imagine what
It means to look at your best friend
And see all their hopes
And dreams come true.
I wish for once, just once,
They could walk a mile in my shoes.
But they wouldn't need
To walk that far,
They would just take
One step and suddenly,
They would take back every bit of
'getting over you' advice
They had ever given me
And realize you're my life,
You were meant for me,
And that moving on or giving up
Is simply not an option.

Don't cry over someone
That won't cry over you

I can let go,
I can forgive,
I can move on,
But i will never stop loving you

So from now on...
When you think of me...
Just remember that i could have been...
The best thing you ever had.

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Never let go of a dream
Until you're ready to wake up
And make it happen.

As soon as forever is through,
I'll be over you.

Forget the times you walked by,
Forget the times you've made me cry,
Forget the time you held my hand,
Forget the sweet things if i can,
I can no longer pretend,
I have to remember now
That you're just a friend

Love is a precious gift
That people try to hold onto
Until the end of time,
Even when there is nothing left to hold.

You never really stop loving someone.
You just learn to try to live without them

In my mind
He isnt worth anything,
But in my heart
He is worth everything


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