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Romantic Love Quotes


It's easy to fall in love.
The hard part is finding
Someone to catch you.

Love is the
Greatest refreshment in life.

The most precious possession
That ever comes to a man
In this world is a woman's heart.

It is the things in common
That make relationships enjoyable,
But it is the little differences
That make them interesting.

The heart is the place where
We live our passions.
It is frail and easily broken,
But wonderfully resilient.
There is no point in
Trying to deceive the heart.
It depends upon our honesty
For its survival.

A man loses his sense
Of direction after four drinks;
A woman loses hers
After four kisses.

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Dreams only last one night
But love can last forever.

Love cures people
-- both the ones
Who give it
And the ones
Who receive it.

When traveling the path of life,
And finding love along the way,
Everything looks new and different.
Little do you know it is the same old landscape
You used to see all of the time;
Love has just given you new eyes.

Love is like an hourglass
With the heart filling up
As the brain empties.

Right from the start...
You stole my heart.

I used to try to
Draw my girlfriends.
I think one of the
Most romantic things
That anybody can do
Is draw a portrait
Of the person you love.

Unless it's mad,
Extraordinary love,
It's a waste of your time.
There are too many
Mediocre things in life
Love shouldn't be one of them.

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There is no remedy but to love more.

When you love someone,
All your saved-up wishes
Start coming out.

Love is not a matter of
Counting the years ...
But making the years count.

There are two sorts of romantics:
Those who love,
And those who love
The adventure of loving

Someone has stolen my heart
And you are the highest
On my list of suspects.


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