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Short Love Quotes


It is love,
Not reason,
That is stronger than death.

It is not only
Necessary to love,
It is necessary to say so.

Love is great
When you find
Someone to give it to.

Man loves little and often:
Woman much and rarely.

No-one is ever
Betrayed by true love.

The speech of
Someone in love bores
Everyone except the loved one.

The way to love anything
Is to realize that
It might be lost.

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To fall in love
Is awfully simple,
But to fall out of love
Is simply awful.

Who ever loved
That loved
Not at first sight

All is fair in love and war.

Love is a
Never ending feeling.

You're nothing short
Of my everything.

You never lose by loving.
You always lose by holding back.

There is only
One happiness in life,
To love and be loved.

Love is
Friendship set on fire.

The shortest word for me is (I)
The sweetest word for me is (love)
The only one for me is (you)

If love is the answer,
Could you rephrase the question?

All love is sweet
- given or returned

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Love knoweth no laws

Best proof of love is trust

Its better to have loved
And lost than
Never to have loved at all.

Life is too short.
So... Kiss slowly,
Laugh insanely,
Love truly,
And forgive quickly.

A loving heart
heals hate.

Love is short,
But forgetting is long.

Love is the greatest refreshment in life.


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